Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Twenty-Cent's Worth

When I was looking for a new 'point and shoot' for the times when the lovely-but-large Nikon D300s is too inconvenient to lug, Canon's cameras stood out from the crowd. After reading the forums, it was a toss-up between the S90 and the G11... I was almost ready to flip a coin, 'cos I couldn't decide from reading the tech-specs alone... but when I held them side-by side in the store and popped off a few test shots, the superb macro capability of the Canon G11 won me, hands down!


  1. You have any side by side macro pictures from both the S90 and the G11? I want portability, but I need a good macro camera. If I can't get portability, then I have to consider getting a cheaper used camera to be left at home for the macro stuff, and a second camera to take with me for everything else (maybe an S90).

  2. Hey Tyler, I only have a couple of crappy test-shots I took in the camera store of a telephone cord and some paper-files that I took with both the S90 and the G11... it was enough for me to tell that the G11's macro was far better than the S90 for my needs... Also, the distant zoomed shots I took in the store of their perspex sign were much brighter and clearer on the G11. I have samples of these, you are welcome to see them. A friend bought the S90 and he is happy enough with it for landscapes, but the macro shots of wild-flowers that he took on holidays recently aren't as good as the G11 would do.

    I also have a Nikon D300s with a Sigma 150mm macro lens... but you know? I think the G11 gives it a run for its money, for a variety of reasons. Sure, the Sigma lets me take photos of bees and wasps from a distance that I couldn't manage (safely!) with the G11, but for everything else, the G11 is AWESOME! Often gives better results as I can hold it steadier for longer without a tripod, and get into more awkward spots than with the big clunker! You can focus on subjects that are almost touching the lens. I've emailed G11 macro images to friends I share photos with and they would have sworn they were taken with the SLR. Happy to share samples - email me: kyle (at) I reckon next time I travel, the G11 is the camera I'll be taking, the SLR is a definitely more a studio camera for me.

  3. Also, Tyler, the G11 has a hot-shoe which the S90 doesn't, and that was the other decider for me. I bought a Canon 430ex flash for it, which while slightly out-of-proportion looking, does a grand job of casual party photos and portraits. I recently shot a 40th Birthday Fancy-Dress party for a friend using this set-up and the pics are great. People less intimidated by the quirky-looking flash on the little camera than if I'd been poking a big pro-looking DSLR in their faces and it shows in the emotions/mood of the pictures.