Thursday, September 10, 2009

Broome Photographic Tour

This time last year, I was planning a trip to Broome, to take my parents on a holiday to the North-West. Prior to travel, I had consulted the Oracle - (Google) - on things to do in Broome and came across Nigel Gaunt of Red Dirt Photography, offering photographic tours of the region. This was an inspired discovery - Nigel is an accomplished teacher and superb artist and the twelve hours I spent in his company with a small group of other photo-enthusiasts was enriching on both technical and creative levels. Seeing the landscape through Nigel's eyes really changed how I 'saw' the desert of the North-West - revealing the rugged beauty of the remarkable landscape west of the Pilbara.

With my background in both Chinese Medicine and Photography, I was initially lured by the idea of there being a ‘Chinatown' in Broome. But along with learning about the fascinating and chequered history of the pearling industry in Australia, it was the startling blue of the sea and sky contrasted with the red earth of the Pindan desert that really captured my eye.

So I share with you here a few of the images that came from this journey.
September 2008.


  1. Absolutely stunning photos Kyle. The images with the camels are particularly stunning! :)

  2. Thanks Lorraine, Nigel the-photography-tour-leader got us all lined up for that shot: sunset on Cable beach and the camels passing by was the penultimate photo-opportunity of the day, and the culmination of all he had taught us about exposure, depth of field, lead lines and all the rest. He was coaching us every second of the camel train's walk-by as we clicked and clicked and clicked. It was such a great opportunity to learn from him.