Saturday, September 12, 2009

In spring a young photographer's fancy turns to thoughts of... new camera gear!!

After waiting MONTHS since being smitten by a 150mm Macro lens - it was love at first sight! - Nikon has fiiiiiiinally released the D300s. You can read all about it on dpreview. The lovely Annie from Digital Fun Stuff rang me today and I'll be bicycling down to their store in Pit Street in the city as soon as I can to pick it up! There's still a bit of a wait on the 150mm macro that started this whole thing - there are none in stock anywhere, it's that popular! - but it will give me time to experiment with all the knobs and buttons on this Ferrari-of-a-camera so I know how to drive it properly. The lens-of-choice to get things going is Nikon's 50mm f1.4, a delicious portrait lens by all accounts - so wish me luck!

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